Needling Me

Here you will find my latest sewing/quilting project(s). I
usually have more than one going at a time.

His and Her Projects

We have been a couple for eleven years and married for
ten on October 6, 2017.
We average at least one joint project every year.
Our current project is refurbishing the interior of this
cabin cruiser. We have hopes to get it in the water
before the snow flies this year.
You will find other joint projects linked to this page.

Fun With Dolls

I'm 69 years young and I still enjoy playing with dolls and
dressing them up. Half the fun is making new clothes for
them. You'll find some of my recent projects here. I have
a 2 year old granddaughter that I love making matching
clothes for.

Kid Stuff

You are bound to find just about anything here.
From clothes to toys. From cotton to wood. It
may require using a needle, a hammer, a saw or
all of the above.

CT is back on line! She never really left. I tried to break away from the
craftylady persona. It's really hard not to be who you are, especially when who
you are isn't bad. I hope that makes sense!

Honoring Our Veterans

My husband is a Nam Vet, so I'm very partial to their
plight. I have family members and friends who are
Veterans in every campaign since WWII and some
currently active as well.
They all deserve our support and thanks.

Out of the Woods

I've always enjoyed playing with power
tools. The scroll saw is my favorite.
Here you will find a few of my projects.
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Bear Necessities

A little bit of Bear....
Bears are an every day occurrence here. It's hard to leave
them out.