Sewing Machine Maintenance
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For all you sewers out there, here are some
tips to keep your machine running like new.

  • Clean the bobbin area every time you change your bobbin.

  • Change your needle after every project or hit on your presser
    foot or feed dog.
          It may look fine but the needle gets dull with use. If it gets
    in contact with your presser foot or feed dog it's probably got
    a nick or slight bend in it you can't see that will make your
    thread bunch up or push your fabric into the feed dogs.

  • Check your owner's manual for locations that need to be oiled
    monthly. If your manual says it is self oiling and to have it
    serviced once a year. Oil it yourself once a month. Just a drop!
    Trust me. I've been maintaining and repairing my machines for
    60 years.

  • Another tip, do not use canned air or your vacuum on blower
    mode to remove dust and junk from your sewing machine or
    computer. Brush don't blow is the motto. Blowing forces dust
    and junk into areas they wouldn't normally go which could
    cause more problems.

That's it. I'm going to try to get a few winks in before the furkids
want to go out. It's getting close to crowing time for Little John and
Chancy. There's no way of sleeping through that!
This is how my machine was returned to me
after I had my machine repaired and cleaned
for $178.35 by a licensed Singer repair
service. They had my machine two months
and returned it to me with the same problem.
I fixed the machine myself for the cost of a
$2.50 part
Even the small amount of lint in this shuttle is
enough to throw your bobbin off, especially if it
needs oiling.